Quiz Show. План урока английского.


Вот еще один фрагмет пособия для учителей английского языка   “The Internet for English Teaching”, написанной для учителей и преподавателей английского языка,содержащей коллекцию планов занятий по английскому. План урока написан мной. Занятие ставит целью развитие умений составления вопросов и умений пользоваться англоязычными поисковыми системами. Уровень учениов — Elementary  выше.

Раздаточные материалы к занятию предложены в конце записи.

Quiz Show




60 minutes


To practice vocabulary using quizzes and search engines;

to practice question forms;

to assess the usefulness of search engines.


One computer per group of 2-3 students, with an Internet connection and a Web browser.


Prepare a copy of the Quiz Questions.


  1. Divide the class in pairs. Get the students to ask and answer the following questions in pairs. Which is your favorite quiz show? What sort of prizes can people win? What must they do? Then discuss the questions with the whole class.
  2. Students work in pairs or groups of three. Give them the copies of Quiz Questions. Students should answer the questions as quick as they can. They can use search engines www.yahoo.com, www.google.com to find a fact such as the longest river in the world. Some sites, www.ask.uk.com, for example, designed so that you type in a question, for example What is the longest river in the world? They can also use on-line encyclopedias www.wikipedia.org, www.bartleby.com for more complete factual information, such as the lifecycle of mosquito.
  3. When they have finished, check the answers with the class.
  4. Students make there own quiz show. They work in two groups. You can ask the students to make a general knowledge quiz or choose a specific topic, such as Famous People. The students write some questions for the second round and the jackpot round.
  5. Choose one person to be MC. Divide the rest of the class in two groups. They are being contestants.
  6. Students hand in their questions to MC. Only MC should see the questions.
  7. Act your show.


Students can visit some sites offering language quizzes for students of English and try some games. Suitable links can be found on www.oup.com/elt/teacher/internet. Also students can use an existing quiz or crossword as a model to create their own on-line one, based on vocabulary they have recently studied. Some quiz and puzzle sites will accept such submissions and publish them on the site.

Раздаточный материал к занятию

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