Курсы английского языка для профессионалов в Ярославле


Доброго времени суток. Недавно я нашёл в Ярославле уникальные курсы английского языка. Их основная отличительная черта — они рассчитаны на людей, владеющих английским языком на продвинутом уровне и использующих английский в профессиональной деятельности.

Курсы ведет специалист из США. Ниже подробная информация, которая может вам пригодится. Лично я планирую посетить эти курсы.

YMCA Advanced English Express Course

What is it?

We provide intensive language training for people who want to make a significant improvement in speaking and understanding English in the fastest possible time.
The course offers an excellent structure to make the maximum progress. It improves listening, speaking, reading, writing and language skills, requires a very extensive knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. This course helps to develop an ability to interpret fine distinctions of meaning and to express yourself precisely in correct, natural English.

For whom this course designed?

Our course is appropriate for an advanced student who has an excellent operational command of English in a wide range of real-world situations and can engage in a full range of spoken interactions confidently and effectively, giving due attention to appropriacy.

When is our course available?

From the 2d of March, for 3 months. The class meets twice a week for 90 minutes.

What is the language level of the group?

From Upper-Intermediate to Advanced.

What is the course fee?

3000 rub. per month.

Where the lessons are to take place?

In the centre of Yaroslavl. 7А, Kharitonova str., five minutes walk from Bolnicha Avtotrans bus stop.

Who is the instructor?

Sarah Engstr?m, Washington and Lee University, the USA

For more information about the way we teach our course, please contact our manager.

Tel.: 8-961-020-41-99

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