Как писать предложения (proposals) на английском языке? Полезные выражения


На многих международных экзаменах по английскому языку (FCE, CAE, CPE) Вас могут попросить написать официальное предложение властям / совету директоров / общественной органгизации с целью улучшить что-либо.

При написании предложения необходимо соблюдать строгий формат. Должен быть заголовок — «Proposal to…», например, Proposal to increase the level of tourism in this area.

Далее следует короткое и четкое введение, где отражается цель предложения. Выглядит оно примерно так:


I would like to put forward the following proposal, which I believe would help to attract more visitors to our area. (New Proficiency Writing, Longman).

Затам структурировано с подзаголоками выражаете в официальном стиле Ваши идеи.

Наконец, заключение. Вот неплохой пример:


This proposal will involve substantial initial expenditure. However, the income generated by higher levels of tourism will very quickly offset this. I therefore hope my proposal will be given due consideration. (New Proficiency Writing, Longman).

Полезные фразы

Our city is of particular importance / relevance because of its excellent sport facilities.

Of equal merit is the centre’s thriving nightlife.

Not only can we provide sate-of-the-art conference rooms, but we can also offer a wide range of reasonably-priced hotels.

Above all the city is easy to get to.

It is beyond dispute / widely recognised / commonly known that the people living here are the friendliest in the whole country.

The city’s good reputation for live music and performance theatre makes it eminently suitable.

I would like to stress / underline / remind our total commitment to this project.

We believe wholeheartedly in / are totally committed to our ability to get our details right.

The city boasts over 30,000 hotel rooms to suit every taste and price.

We would urge you to consider our proposal seriously.

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