Do you speak Ruslish?


RuslishRuslish — русский английский — язык, на котором говорят очень многие жители нашей страны. Составляя грамматически верные конструкции, мы часто не задумываемся о том, что носители языка НИКОГДА так не скажут.

В чем же отличительная особенность Ruslish? К сожалению, он часто звучит очень грубо. Дело в том, что мы переводим на английский язык русские вежливые фразы дословно, в результате  получаются НЕанглийские предложения, которые режут слух, а некоторые люди могут и обидеться.

Преподаватель МГУ Людмила Городецкая в одной из презентаций приводила такие примеры русского английского:

Ни одно из этих грамматически верных английских предложений не будет правильным. Носители языка скажут более мягко, используя обороты типа Why don’t you, You don’t seem to, Won’t it be, Do you think you could, Would you like, Could I, Do you mind if I и так далее.  Например: Could I see your tickets? Would you like some coffee?  Кроме того, русский английский просто кажется неестественным и иногда смешным.  Ниже приведен текст на русском английском, и его перевод на естественный  английский, сделанный мной с американскими коллегами. Текст позволяет понять многие ОЧЕНЬ типичные русские ошибки. Чтобы просмотреть тексты, просто нажмите «Read more».
PS. Кстати, хорошая идея использовать эти тексты при подготовке к ЕГЭ по английскому языку.
Успехов в изучении английского!

Text in Ruslish

Этот текст иллюстрирует типичные ошибки, которые допускают русскоговорящие студенты при письме и разговоре на английском языке. Все ошибки и недочёты прокомментированы соответствующими значками, расшифрованными ниже. Затем приведён текст-перевод с русского английского на естественный английский.

BA: Better Alternative

CGE: Common Grammatical Error

RE: Russian English

WU: Wrong Usage

I would like to tell you some words (RE) about myself and our family (RE). We are not large (RE). We are four (RE): my mother, my father, my brother and I. My mother is a doctor at hospital number six. She is also an excellent housekeeper (WU) and can cook very many tasty things (RE). My father used to be an engineer but now he has taken a decision (WU) to make a career (RE) in business. He is a very clever (WU) man and a real master (RE) around the house. He is very keen on sport and goes in for hunting as well. We are all very friendly (RE).

Our granny lives in our house (RE) but on different floor. When she was a young girl, she lived in a village (RE) not far from our town (RE). She always gives me good advices (RE) and I love her very much. Her father was a rich (WU) peasant but, let it be (RE) from (RE) the 1930 years (WU), the situation in our country (RE) became very bad. He was repressed and sent to Siberia where, alas (WU) he perished (RE) like so many others. During the Great Patriotic War (RE) granny (RE) worked at a plant and afterwards she had studied (CGE) to be engineer like dad. While she was a student, she began to meet with (RE) grandfather (RE) and they decided to create a family (RE).’Let us go on to me (RE). As for me (RE), I don’t like to talk about myself or my traits of character (RE) because I try to be shy (RE) But I will tell you some facts about myself. I am twenty. All my life I have dreamed to (RE) become a teacher of English and translator at some firm. I think it is very useful to get (RE) knowledges (RE) of foreign languages nowadays. It is not just pleasant to communicate (WU) with Englishmen (WU), foe example, but language can help you find a job in many different spheres (RE). My hobbies (RE) are reading and listening to music. I have very many CD’s in English. I am all the time listening (RE) them (CGM) and trying to translate them for (WU) I think it will help me to make big successes (RE) at the university and in the future life (RE). It’s a pity but I must (WU) go because I am meeting my friend (WU). I promised (RE) to meet her at the conservatoire and if I will not be there (RE) on time we will surely have a row.

Text in English

I would like to tell you about my family and myself. My family is fairly small — my parents, my brother and I. My mother is a doctor at Hospital 6. She also works very hard taking care of our home, and is an excellent cook. My father was originally an engineer, but has since gone into business. He is an intelligent man and is very handy at home. Furthermore, my father is very interested in sports and likes hunting as well.

My grandmother also lives in our apartment building. She grew up in a small town outside of our city. When I have problems, she always gives me excellent advice and I love her very much. Her father was fairly well off, but in 1930 many things turned for the worse in Russia. My great-grandfather was sent to Siberia where he, unfortunately, passed away. During the Second World War, my grandmother worked at a factory — and after the war she studied engineering like her father. While she was a student she met and married my grandfather, and they decided to raise a family.

As for myself, I am generally very shy. I am twenty years old. All my life I have wanted to be a teacher of English and work as a translator. I believe that knowledge of foreign languages is very important today. Not only it is pleasant to be able to converse with foreigners, but knowledge of foreign languages is very applicable to work in many different fields. I enjoy reading and listening to music. I have many CD’s in English. I listen to them all the time, and am always translating them for practice; I believe this practice will help me excel at both the university and my future career.

(Последние предложения, написанные на русском английском, являются бессмысленными и не нужны совсем. Однако, думая, что вам будет интересно, мы перевели и их на английский).

Unfortunately, I must go to meet my friend. I said I would meet her at the conservatory and she will be very upset if I am late.

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  1. You must see it — это как раз рекомендация! Неформальная , в смысле очень рекомендую посмотреть ,прочитать и т.д. Надо произносить преисполнившись позитивных эмоций!

    I hate abstrаct painting -так выразить мнение очень даже можно, например, в разговоре с другом (если,конечно,ваш друг не суровый художник абстракционист )

  2. Читатель:

    А разве ЭТОТ язык называется не «Renglish»?

  3. dima:

    Писал американец, который не говорит по-русски.

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